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6 Week Shoulder Course

  • 6Weeks
  • 15Steps


A simple solution for restoring optimal shoulder mobility, function and reduce pain. 3 sessions per week. Minimal equipment required (you don't need a gym, can be done at home). Stick (or broom stick), Foam Roller or tennis ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, something to hang from. Video exercise demonstration and explanation. The first Phase (P1) is 4 weeks with the focus on restoring scapula function which then prepares you for Phase 2 (P2) which is 8 weeks and focuses on expanding your movement capacity with good scapula/shoulder/body awareness. Then the last Phase (P3) which is 12 weeks and is all about building strength and long term resilience. Depending on your starting capacity, these sessions may start off to be your full session. The more experienced people could use them as session preparation. Communicate with your Coach if you're not sure. Make sure to submit any videos you'd like critiquing on. These are a great way to build awareness of your own movement and keep track of your progress. Enjoy the learning

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